New Membership Fees

We’ve made great progress over the past 12 months; over the next twelve we’re going even further to ensure that we support members to promote the professionalism, growth and health of indoor climbing.

Monthly payments

In the Member Survey, you told us that our renewals process was not up to scratch – in fact, it was one of the lowest rated aspects of our offer to you. To give you the biggest improvement we’ve chosen revolution over evolution and taken the decision to remove the renewals process completely!

This will also allow us to do more for you by freeing up some of our administrative resources.

By using monthly direct debit-style payments we’ll remove the need to renew your membership. Instead, you’ll stay a member paying each month until you tell us you want to leave.

NEW Membership Fees

To deliver the projects outlined in our Overview of 2018 at a scale that is right for our members and our industry we will need to raise our membership fees.

Climbing Wall Membership Fees 2018

Fee per month

Aspirant and Approved – Single Site


Aspirant and Approved – Multi Site (per wall)




Associate Members


At less than £1 per day, these fees still represent fantastic value for money; especially when compared to other business costs and professional fees.

Launch Dates

Our new membership fees and monthly payments will begin from April 2018. As each member’s current annual membership expires they will be contacted and moved to the monthly scheme.