RECALL notice of ISC carabiner used in TruBlue autobelays


“ISC has expanded the inspection protocol to include all carabiners with the batch #16CC. The component impacted by this notice is used primarily in the TRUBLUE 12.5 meter (40ft) and 7.5 meter (24.6ft) webbings.”



The ABC has been notified of a RECALL notice for a carabiner frequently used in TruBlue autobelay device. The text of the notice is below. Please share with your colleagues who use these devices.

SAFETY NOTICE: ISC Carabiner Safety Notice

Effective Immediately – Please Read

One of Head Rush Technologies’ supply partners, International Safety Components (ISC), has notified us of an issue with a component they supply. The component impacted by this notice is the “KH260 Twister Karabiner” which is used primarily in the TRUBLUE 12.5 meter (40ft) and 7.5 meter (24.6ft) webbings. You have received this notice because you may have received a device or replacement webbing that could have been affected.

We have identified that the products impacted are Head Rush devices and webbings with the steel carabiner sold between May, 2017 and February 7, 2018. All Head Rush products manufactured after February 8th, 2018 that use this carabiner have been thoroughly inspected and are suitable for use. ISC has outlined an inspection process below to determine if your carabiner has been affected. Please read below (see three attached pictures). 

If your carabiner has been determined to be affected by this issue as stated via the inspection process (i.e. has batch number of 16CC, has a lot number of 82997, the carabiner does not have red paintfill or if the nut rotates), do not send to ISC. Head Rush Technologies will provide, at no charge, replacement webbings for affected units. If you find that you have an affected webbing, take a picture of the carabiner and please contact Head Rush Customer service at +1 720 565 6885 or”