Precautionary Call for a Safety Check – EDELRID HMS Bulletproof Triple / Triple FG


EDELRID asks all owners of the HMS Bulletproof Triple and HMS Bulletproof Triple FG to inspect the rivets on the gates of their carabiners. Affected are carabiners with manufacturing codes 01/2018 and 02/2018.

Background: One carabiner was found to have a defective gate. The defect concerned a gate rivet which was not riveted correctly and which could have become detached during use. The carabiner in question was the HMS Bulletproof Triple FG. During an investigation into the fault, it was discovered that there is a possibility that other carabiners of this type could have a similar defect.

In the interest of customer safety, EDELRID has decided to issue a precautionary call for a safety inspection on these carabiners. All owners of HMS Bulletproof Triple and HMS Bulletproof Triple FG carabiners are requested to perform a safety check to ascertain that the rivets are fully and correctly riveted.

An affected carabiner must be withdrawn from use immediately and returned to EDELRID for a free replacement

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