Important safety notice

Following on from their 2015 research into FIXE equalisation anchors DAV have found further evidence of a fault and are recommending to their members that they should be replaced or have a temporary safety measure put in place. The findings report highlights the weakness of one chain link and the potential for failure.  

The ABC recommends any walls that have a FIXE Equalisation Anchors contact the supplier of their anchors or their wall manufacturer and their technical advisor. 

Below is an excerpt from the finding report, further details can be found  below:

‘safety research recommends that all previously installed FIXE chains be replaced immediately. The highest priority is the baffles of the design type “Ausgleichsverankerung”.

As a precautionary measure, affected chains can be temporarily secured with an express sling that is suspended in the drill hook and in the ring parallel to a chain strand’.


Both findings reports can be found below:

DAV Research 2015