Important Safety Notice – Update 01/11/18

Following on from the Important Safety Notice we released on 30th October 2018 referencing the DAV research into FIXE equalisation anchors. FIXE have released a statement of their own regarding the report and the measures which should be taken by climbing wall operators/owners.

Below is a short excerpt from their website:

Topics clarified on DAV Document Update on 31/10/2018:

  • First DAV document seems to ask for a completely replacement of FIXE chain anchors > It need to be focused to any A2 material installed in potential risk areas. Galvanized steel or A2 in non-potential risk areas could be used and no need to be replaced.
  • First DAV document seems to say that FIXE made a poor choice of material > FIXE used to use the same material like main anchor manufacturers and always recommended a better material like the A4 for potential risk areas.
  • First DAV document does not clarify the extent of the problem > the extent of the problem is in A2 materials installed in potential risk areas like UIAA and CEN recommended.
  • First DAV document does not clarify how to identify products under risk > All A2 FIXE material is marked as “INOX”. In case of belay or lowering stations, the mark ”INOX” is on the hanger.

The ABC recommends any walls that have a FIXE Equalisation Anchors contact the supplier of their anchors or their wall manufacturer and their technical advisor.

Further information can be found here.