CWIF 2016 report

March 12-13th 2016 saw the 10th Climbing Works International Festival prove once again what we’ve all known for a long time – as well as fantastic climbing talent (3rd placed Male category & 1&3&5 in  Female!!!) we have world class venues that can truly hold their own on the international climbing scene.


The event has been hailed as “excellent fun & really well managed”  – feedback that every wall would want to hear – but no surprise to those of us who know the team involved. And they key to this success lies in The Works approach – they run a wall that’s really fun & well managed – it follows that their comps are going to be the same – we were there two weeks later and a schools comp was taking place – the sound of laughter was infectious.


For their 10th CWIF The Works Team stepped it up gain – showing that climbing can keep its identity but also prove a commercial success AND appeal to all they introduced a new Social Hub – with sponsors supplying demo’s, discounts and even a bar. The event was also part of Sheffield’s Weekender event as part of its Outoor City Cqmpaign – proof if any was needed that climbing walls are now an integral part of any city’s leisure landscape.

Videos of the event can be found HERE