Coming soon: WeClimbUK Passport

In 2019 we plan to introduce a national climbing passport which signals the start of an exciting new era.

The passport which will be aimed at experienced climbers will effectively prove competency and reduce the amount of repetitive paperwork being created at centres. This is an exciting development for our industry and one that puts the UK at the leading edge globally. Whilst we know many Scandinavian countries have something similar, the scale here is much greater – as are the benefits to walls, to climbers, and to the sport.

It’s success is predicated on the idea that we are stronger together and as such every pound raised through the scheme will be reinvested in the development of our industry. We look forward to sharing more details in due course, but in the meantime, we have outlined key benefits:


● Reduced queues at reception

● A national standard for competency

● Less staff time spent on inductions

● Less paperwork

● More engaged climbers

● Increased visitors from wall tourism*

● Increased investment in indoor climbing in the UK

● Incentive to improve safety standards in new member centres


● Faster and easier entry

● Join a community of climbers

● Log climbing sessions with A Vertical Life

● Track progress

● Find a partner

● Find a wall

● Access to training and events