ABC Sport England Participation Database

Dear ABC member

I am Neil Bentley and would like to introduce myself as the new Project Manager for the ABC Sport England climbing participation database.  Hopefully you have seen a short piece in the latest Newsletter.

I have previously been involved with the ABC from its inception in 1994 to Spring 2016 when I Ieft my position as General Manager of The Foundry Climbing Centre. During that time I helped with the production of the Management and Safety Guidelines and was a representative on the committee for many years.
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With your help I hope to re-invigorate interest from you, the  ABC members, to take part in the project, picking up from former project manager Kelvyn.  When you have read this I look forward to your email expressing your interest to take part!  My email: participation@abcwalls.co.uk
Why your wall should take part
  1. You will receive demographic information, some in graphical format, of your own wall and  be able to compare it to the cumulative data from all contributing walls.  This may enable you to see areas where you may be able improve and where you are doing well.
  2. Sport England offered the grant to the ABC because we said we could give them a good idea of how many people participate in indoor climbing, visitor numbers,location, gender and age groups. We wanted Sport England to know its a popular growing sport.  In turn  Sport England are likely to fund such strategies as climbing walls in schools/colleges – this will increase the awareness and numbers introduced to climbing and hence improve your own walls user visits as the sport keeps growing.
As you are all aware following overwhelming support  ABC members and the committee (AGM vote Sept 2014) Sport England  provided funding to create the participation database software. This software was created by Reportlab for ABC /Sport England.  Some ABC members are now providing climber visit details to the database but we need to have far more of you contributing.
Here’s a brief summary of the database:
  • Your data goes to the Sport England database.  Data may go to Reportlab first depending on how you choose to upload data. NB: individual wall data is not seen by any other participating ABC walls, committee members or me.
  • The data is manipulated for climber participation demographics to provide a better understanding of it’s popularity and breadth across ages, gender and areas of the UK
  • Participating ABC walls can access their own individual collated data and compare it to the total of all the data that is received allowing you to compare your own demographics against the National totals.
  • Comparison graphical analysis of the data is also available.
YOU WANT TO TAKE PART – please email me:  participation@abcwalls.co.uk  – I will provide further details of how to upload your data to the database.  Please tell me in your email what entry system you are using at your wall.  Help will also be provided by Reportlab to get up and running if needed.
How is data collected?
Either one of three ways:
  1. Data is sent automatically from your wall’s existing entry software directly to the Sport England database (presently possible with Rockgym Pro  – other systems can take part with extra help)
  2. Data is sent manually at the end of each week by a csv file (excel) to Reportlab then uploaded to the  SE database.  Help and training can be given for this.
  3. Wall entries are sent directly to the SE database by the wall from your system.  This would require additional program script writing which may carry a cost from your  It software provider or Reportlab.
Most walls will use method 1 or 2.  Help will be provided to get you up and running as a contributor – please email me in the first instance: participation@abcwalls.co.uk
For further information please also read Kelvyn’s article  on the ABC website.
or take a look at the presentation from last years AGM, powerpoint attached.
Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you:  participation@abcwalls.co.uk
Neil Bentley
ABC Sport England Database Project Manager