AALA Review – Update

Yesterday we submitted our response to the AALA review.

In summary;

Many of our members do not hold an AALA license…

Of our members who hold an AALA license, the majority are required to hold it for activities which form a very minor or insignificant proportion of their business activities…

…we and our members strongly oppose the extension of AALA to include indoor climbing.

We are not aware of any safety concerns in the indoor climbing industry, and we cannot see what risk would be mititgated by putting the license in place.

There is already clear and well managed industry representation.

The consultation is scheduled to close on the 9th of March.

The Consultation Principles used by HSE state that a response to a consultation should be published within twelve weeks. This is the only current public consultation so there should be more news on the fate of AALA ahead of our Annual Conference at the beginning of July. This will likely lead to a discussion session on what the future of the indoor climbing industry looks like, either with or without AALA.

You can read the full letter here;

CD286 AALA Review Feedback – Association of British Climbing Walls

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