Seminar 1 – The Anatomy of a Claim

What happens when you get that letter from a Solicitor saying that someone has been injured, and believes it’s your fault?

Back in 2016 we got that letter.

This Seminar will cover everything from the first actions taken through to the final judgement in court.  The claim against us went all the way to a 3 day court hearing, took a huge amount of time and to be honest, was pretty stressful.  Not only did we not want a judgement against us, but the whole industry would have been affected had it gone that way.  Thankfully it didn’t.

I led the work for our company in our defence and I’ll share with you the entire process and the lessons that we learned.  We’ll go through the details of the claim, the engagement with our insurers and lawyers, the reports from the expert witnesses and the relationship with the Barrister.

Hopefully you’ll be able to take away the things that we learned and reduce the chances of it happening to you.  However, if it does, hopefully you’ll be better armed to deal with it.

The seminar will be run by Rich Emerson who is one of the Directors and founders of The Climbing Academy Bristol and Glasgow. Prior to setting up The Climbing Academy Rich owned and ran a management training consultancy running training courses for big corporate organisation.

Additional to this Rich also holds the position of chair within the ABC helping promote the professionalism, health and growth to indoor climbing industry.

Update to Seminar 

During this seminar we will also be holding a QA session regarding the National Climbing Wall Card. This will be your opportunity to ask any questions you have about the scheme and how it may work.


Arrive – 1330-1400 

Seminar – 1400-1530 

Tea/Coffee – 1530-1600 

Seminar – 1600-1800 


Bristol – Hamilton House