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Passion, Innovation and Engineering: The Driving Forces Behind New Training System

The Seeing Stars Training System has been developed as a modular training system which can be small enough to fit over your doorway or extended to fill an entire training wall. The Base Stations are mounted to a vertical face and the modules positioned to suit the climber’s training programme. For example, you can change the width of the hand position while retaining the style of hand grip. Modules can also be rotated to enable unique training positions, giving the opportunity for focused shoulder and core training programmes.

Utilising our engineering and design prowess, and driven by our passion for climbing, the Seeing Stars Training System has been developed for multi-use training. A system that is effective and fun, with an aesthetic that is pleasing for the climber and non-climber alike.

We will be taking pre-orders from 8th April ready for our full launch on 3rd June. Check out our Instagram feed for sneak peaks at some of the modules and updates on our Beta testing programme.


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