Rockcity Climbing Holds

Climbing Holds, Volumes, Macros and Wall Surfaces.

Rockcity in Hull has been making climbing wall products for close to 25 years. High profile collaborations and back room boffins for other major brands over the years, including S7 as a co founder, designer and manufacturing of Climbing Holds, Fingerboards, Campus Boards and Rungs.

Moon Climbing with the design and manufacturing of the freestanding Moonboard and now currently Kilter Grips with design and manufacturing of the fully adjustable freestanding Kilter Board for the UK and Europe.

After all of this we have finally got around to our own commercial range of Volumes, Macros and Volumes and a range of Climbing Wall Paints, driven by our own needs and working with and listening to others.

Contact Person:

Mark English

Contact Email:


07515 850030

Year Round Offers:

Guaranteed 20% Discount anytime on Volumes, Climbing Holds and Macros regardless of the quantity. Further discounts based on quantity available.