Activities Industry Mutual

AIM specialises in providing an alternative to traditional insurance for the activities industry.

We specialise in Public & Products Liability, Property & Equipment and Employers Liability all available.

AIM is a membership community formed of industry practitioners. Owned by its members and operated on their behalf via an elected board of outdoor adventure experts it was formed for the sole purpose of providing economical and high quality cover for individuals and organisations operating in this sector. We work hand in hand with some of the country's leading industry bodies such as the ABC to promote best practice in the sector. AIM's coverage is tailored to our members specific needs and offers a long term alternative insurance solution that provides value, security and certainty, no matter how volatile the economy.

Contact Person:

Sophie Reed

Contact Email:


01892 888423

Job Title:

Mutual Manager


Year Round Offers:

We welcome ABC Members and work with them to offer the best competitive quote for cover within the Mutual.