Disability Provision Survey

Hi All,

We’ve received the following from the BMC – looks like a worthwhile iniative to be involved with:

We’ve put together a survey to find out where disability provision is across climbing walls to enable us to promote activities to partners, and identify areas for development.


The information and link to the survey is here:


For many people with a disability there are a number of barriers to participating in activities, but we know climbing is an inclusive activity and provides many benefits to everyone who takes part. Research and feedback tells us that many disabled people don’t know what opportunities there are to get involved, so we’d like to develop a database of activities that we can share with partners to promote the opportunities for disabled people to take part in climbing. The survey aims to understand the current provision for disabled people, and find out where support is needed for climbing walls to work with disabled people. We would be extremely grateful if you could complete the survey to allow us to map the current opportunities, and identify areas in which we can support climbing walls. https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/RTLKQM6